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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  August 24, 2015 4:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>anny hong: good morning it is backed the score for a lot of kids starting today and all through this week here is james with the back-to-school forecast. >>james: today is going to be well received temperatures the little warmer than we've been used to you will see why here in just one second stop always see relatively nice weather given some of the cloud cover and fog and drizzle are the coast as you might expect temperatures again we're starting level of the
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fifties to low 60s we have santa rosa and exactly 60 degrees and every other city molest a little bit warmer than as 62 or 60 in concord said was the oakland come in the 63 here is how the weather should develop borland for tim but as as we said right now in the upper fifties to low 60 degree range. >>james: temperatures and to be warming to amend seven isn't that point and then by 3:00 this afternoon as we head toward the 5:00 hour expect maximum temperatures around the bend somewhere around the neighborhood mid-60's from the coast mid-70s and in mid to upper 80s as you head into the deeper inland valleys over the next three days a quick sample for you today to the winds and temperatures will jump a little bit more as we head into tuesday and then by ones it will start
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to come back down will have more details on the forecast coming up this call and they stand for as. >>rebecca: the roadways are looking pretty good at this early hour as normal starting out the bay bridge toll plaza live in the macarthur maze getting on to the spend is going to the problem free so far for the west about a commute to downtown san francisco 67 minutes into san francisco san mateo bridge move and welcome it like at this hour for the west about 92 ride heading over to the peninsula expect a 10 minute commute making the 101 connection and santa sell the richmond san rafael bridge is very empty at this point was about 580 will be easy over the span getting into the north bank and the golden gate bridge is also very lightly. >>anny hong: it is now but one
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year since the 6.0 earthquake hit now but in many businesses are still doing their best to recover on the left of the screen you can sing on the right is what it looks like today. >>j.r. stone: this is what the biggest collection wines on the sly when record on the not earthquake last year today they're still lots of work to be done and that all of the scaffolding surrounding the building it may not even realize that the one tasting room is open for business there the manager of the does cut the wine
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room he says this building was built a 1875 and is the oldest on building an ample sum of the rocks that fell during the quake weighed 700 lbs. as for the costs of reopening. >>j.r. stone: tough he has been this is the building should be finished in the coming months and you can bet he will be they're serving up vintage wine. >>anny hong: officials say the
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earthquake hit just after 1040 yesterday morning and was centered 13 mi. north of hills burn usgs said they are frequent in this area from the heat and electricity a degenerate underground the large earthquake or appetizer was a 4.5. another blaze has broken this time in december and ended a mountain about fire has burned 100 a. of on the 20 percent contained the fire have been near the resort south of big bear lake it has for some evacuation's but it is not clear this morning how many homes of big threatened evacuation center has been set at the big bear convention center. >>anny hong: a wildfire that was burned and their little more couch fire says the testified as unincorporated alameda county is now fully contained the fire started last wednesday between tracy in the more than a menace to contain the blaze yesterday
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about the cause of the fire remains under investigation the jerusalem fire and rocket of middletown is nearly out it is now 90 percent contained the fire destroyed more than 25,000 a. and like and not counting six homes and 21 out build and lost all evacuation's and road closures have been lifted hundreds of people came to the sun and to celebrate the life of the eight drove madison middleton she was found dead and apartment complex last month protecting your neighbor is charged with her murder. >>phillipe djegal: and afternoon of heart felt tear us from madison mendelssohn slamming tissues passed around a bunch the basketball arena turned memorial before sharing one of
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our daughter's bills showcasing the more personality that came to love and cherish late last month she was found dead in a recycling bin and parking garages at her housing complex where she lived with her mother and the community artist of 15 your boy charged with her murder the focus on this day it is her life her father watching from the stands of new hard for is the little girl who loved pretzel's popcorn and had something for howling like a wolf. >>phillipe djegal: she was born
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on october 5th and during the ceremony the mayor of santa cruz proclaiming that madison middle to they move for. >>anny hong: capital around 1237 afternoon near monterey and louisiana street officials said they found a man suffering from a gunshot wound he was taken to hospital where he later died this is the victim is a 21 year- old resident of vallejo however his name does not been released but police are looking for the shooting that news we've been following for you and this morning three americans who helps out of gunman on the paris bound trains are being honored today in france the president francois lawn at devoted the three men and one british
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citizen the highest honor to lead an honor and a special ceremony today the president that the often encouraged. >>reporter: there were visiting your for the first time to gather that in of jumping into action when the ak-47 was trying to fire and jan his injuries in the head and neck and he was almost cut off the three friends were able to ambush and beat the gunman and him on the floor with
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his hands and feet tied to six year-old was linked to ices is in custody undergoing interrogation they're being held as heroes for stopping what could have been a mass killing three passengers and injured in the attack that of civil back of that was bleeding uncontrollably. >>anny hong: he only intended to rob them and not carry on terror attack a lot down has been lifted as san francisco international airport following a bomb scare the shutdowns come
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to around noon yesterday after authorities found what they believe was an explosive device inside some luggage as some tests. there were directed to go to the terminal the device was later determined to be a grenade a lockdown was lifted about two hours later the problem is to the camera on certain i found the recall fell between september and january customers and have a camera placed for free at the store and a service provider or by
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contacting technical support. >>anny hong: and oklahoma politician is stabbed to death while his own son is being questioned in the murder + new information this morning on an air show performance that winter barong in england over the weekend of next the u.s. army post exploded overnight sending debris flying the blast caught on video will be right back.
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>>anny hong: the kids are getting ready for. back to school this for >>james: today is going to serve a bid they were you aware shorten the afternoon to a lot
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of it outside we have called a conditions temperatures and the upper fifties and low 60s pretty typical for what we've been saying for the past few weeks to a little bit warmer than on friday when we last spoke with the morning back-to-school forecast you seen a lot more '60s and opera 50 but were some pretty good mix of both a live look outside the golden gate bridge camera no fault of their no low clouds really of the fifties low 60s as a take a look at the live temperature page 6 is san francisco 63 in oakland and san jose and its bay we send a nice mix of a percentage of sixties 59 in pleasanton 61 to 62 degrees just about everywhere else after klaus this will look like nothing to terribly thick it is now in the marine layer we've seen covering up the sky above that will the to pull back and burn off the was is in the
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sunshine and temperatures that will be on the warm side take a look 9:00 still look at the 56 is mixed across the backed by noontime will see seventies began to push and will keep and the mid-60s by the coast. >>james: those of the areas of the bay we expect to be in the '80s and unlike last week were looking for mid to upper 80s in some spots nafta door to the east and to find that 86 of pleasanton 80 in livermore 86 antioch that is the store with an east bay valley in the south bank 83 to 86 degrees in the no. 8285 very pleasant there but it will be a touch warmer than what we've seen that if temperatures right by the bay shoreline in the mid-70s with temperatures in the mid-60s or along the coast here i did stand out look 7 day
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around the bay forecast temperatures going up by couple of degrees or so into tuesday high-pressure system that will build a little bit that will warm things come wednesday and beyond will cool things down and a system that will be entering mainland the pacific northwest. >>james: we will keep an eye in the you know if there materializes into anything substantial. >>rebecca: we have a brand new hot spot for this early morning hours it will be for your is your freeway along westbound 80 right at the macarthur maze is a brand new accident six cars that were in volsci history recorded his shut down all the lanes but now sea its feet said everything is moved to the far right lane and is involved traffic is going to be slow as you approached and past the area given to the bay bridge
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toll plaza you might see a lot of activity in the right-hand lane here the drive times in the meantime that is going to take you 15 minutes watching over to the bay bridge toll plaza come out of the macarthur maze this looks good because the accident is before you get to this point as soon as you get here it will be an easy seven men to commit time getting into downtown san francisco ended up the lower deck this problem for another laser report at all getting over to the open side this morning the senate saver is close well ticket under 10 minutes to get from hayward and 880 interchange over to the 101 connected in san the sale san mateo. >>anny hong: this is new video received overnight the blast happened at the summit general depot about 25 mi. talk was of
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tokyo and they said the building nitrogen oxygen and freon no one was injured but investigators are looking into what led to this explosion the fire crews lost as they are not asking for qualified volunteers to help the embattled multiple what fire is burning across the state would have made a is have been scorched they must have their own equipment to be willing to undergo training. >>reporter: this is how firefighters are using one of the resources to fight the fires here in washington state that ride that is a helicopter dropping it into the lake will pull up thousands of gallons of water in just a matter of seconds and then take the waters trip to the fire line to aid those firefighters who were battling the barn had these fires we know them or the 200
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homes have been lost and another 12,000 structures many of those homes are also threatened this is why it is so important for them to fight these fires that chickens seem close just to show you just how bad these fires can be the reason why after so many resources from the washington national guard cell on the personnel made their way in another 200 being trained and asking for civilians to help this is why take a look at this look at the devastation that is why i did to this list from home absolutely stunning property and stunning locations the fire came through here and not. >>reporter: look at the two
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boats and you can see how they were completely lost a complete loss of its wild fires with the win is constantly being an issue it will be hot this week with all this danger we're trying to keep this from happening anywhere else but is still a very precarious situation. >>anny hong: oklahoma politician has been stabbed to death of lesley by his own son labor commission was that in hand and neck in oklahoma city restaurant guest today they said there was a fight between the father and the sun that fell into this parking lot he died at the hospital is now in custody a
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trooper in louisiana is a critical condition after police say he was shot in the head by a suspected drug driver he was trying to arrest the driver sunday when he was shot he is suffering from severe brain damage the drivers were able to stop the alleged gunman and a sister trouper until help arrived the suspect in the shooting faces several charges including attempted murder of a police officer back in the bay area follow up on the shooting was told about police say it one of the victim from saturday night's double shooting was a three year-old child and happen in east oakland on 77th avenue. >>anny hong: he was sitting in the car with the child both of them are expected to survive the police are looking for suspects here is a live look outside the bay bridge toll plaza technical look at temperatures in oakland
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to there were we are looking at more sunshine for the forecast more details coming up after the break.
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>>anny hong: gas prices are holding steady across the country this morning they set nationwide drivers are paying $2.60 a gallon midwest cities are still saying the price jump from our refinery shutdown and indiana but here on the west coast they have dropped to look at what people are paying on the bay area this morning. thousand people took to the streets yesterday for the giant race this was the sixth a year for that which raises the money to provide meals to senior citizens and people are seriously ill from the bay area officials talk
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about the generosity there seem the number of registered runners in the events largest ever included runners 04 years old and 80 still had turf issues aside before the niners had the first season at a nearby stadium how it is the helping keep things cool for fans the earthquake anniversary coverage continues this morning of next the lessons learned over the past year by geologist.
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>>anny hong: map of marking the one here since the 6.4 earthquake killed one person and caused millions of dollars in damage video from the wind trained last year you can see shaking here on the camera when the earthquake hit they were left uninhabitable the person killed the woman was hit and had by a falling television said hundreds of others also injured in the aftermath several wineries also hit hard by the quake is video from a few of them we visited one year ago including the vineyard of the main building shifted on second
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and third floor millions of dollars a wines were damage and clothing businesses are still recovering today the earthquake was the largest one to hit california since the 1989 earthquake of the usgs and the last year studying will happen hours after the quake that went to annapolis to serve the damage and they found large cracks in the pavement feels the parking lot geologist placed senses on the ground and found a kept moving after the initial earthquake after which is shifted more than 14 in. in some locations they believe the ground to still the slowly moving today there also bought a dozen aftershocks will surprise geologist who thought there will be more following such a powerful earthquake happen today a commemoration ceremony marking one year since the end quick taken place at 320 this afternoon and will include speeches local and state
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leaders the ceremony is being held at veterans will part on main street in ample, and a 5:00 hour will be live in downtown not go and be sure to join us. >>james: by letter on this after down we will however really wanted especially in an attempt is coming up in just a minute answer right now and the beheading of the door we have temperatures holding at the levels the next couple of hours
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san francisco at 62 oakland and san jose both at 63 paulo 6 is on the list read now and we're seeing temperatures and the upper 50s as for the forecast will walk into the forecast for today right now really gets temperatures in the upper fifties to low 60s it is mainly low clouds all part of the marine layer which will for back along for some sunshine by noon will have some pretty decent sun already coming down for lunch with temperatures in london around 76 percent is ride along the shoreline with low '60's at the close as a hit for 3:00 4:00 this afternoon will look for things the warm-up and in mid to upper a is for some spots mid- 70's by the bay mid-60's up the coast and the city the wanted to mar his a glimpse at the three- out look to mark time to jump up just a touch the middle of the
4:33 am
week and beyond will cool off but nicely over the next couple days nice and hot and. >>rebecca: is going to be for the issuer for recommend getting to the bay bridge toll plaza the tech a look at the map here led zone and it will be westbound 80 at the macarthur maze it is still blocked where i for car pile of everything has been moved over to the far right lane and causing some attention but not on bay to track the delays because it is still early in the morning a look at the drive time not that 15 minutes for the commit going westbound come out of hercules and getting into berkeley into the maze getting to the bay bridge toll
4:34 am
plaza of it will take you about a seven minute drive times. >>anny hong: where watching wall street for another rocket week friday it plans more than 500 the crash happened saturday afternoon you can see in this video the pilot's survival was
4:35 am
scarcely injured will stay closed as the search for possible victims continued the sentencing phase comes for the move we feared the shooter a jury cannot agree on the death penalty for him in the trial earlier this month automatically give him life in prison without parole if he was convicted of killing 12 people and injuring 70 others during a showing of the dark mycorrhizas back in 2012 and begins today and expected to last a few days a 69 you're a man died following an accident san francisco golden gate national recreation area the park service says it happened yesterday afternoon shortly after takeoff and the seven calls by a mechanical issue that from the man 30 ft. down the side of a cliff and
4:36 am
they tried cpr on him but he died a slow time later the niners defeat the dallas cowboys 23 to 6 in the first preseason math for the fans were excited to come out to leave by stadium for sunday afternoon and see new head coach there is known for hot the game but it was not too bad yes and and. >>anny hong: a call employees handed out wife sunscreen and hentoff's however parking was still difficult the threats before the game starting cowboys players this child the field a typhoon brings heavy
4:37 am
wind and rain overseas where the storm had and where it is gone now we have the latest numbers from the box office howe straight outta compton that all weekend that is next to where getting ready for school off the tech before off shows you the application that will make homework early ease year.
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now time for the tech report with :gabe slate. >>gabe slate: their continuing is ready for school coverage right now the great mobile application that will help students if they get stuck on difficult home work and he is a university he it shows how he
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uses that applicants in the kikwit on the man help in times you need it from anywhere said a pitcher the problem and send it out within seconds the tutor on the other and sends back into an eddy to explanation of how it got the answer is " when you needed a lifeline to take pictures of the laptop's screen or books or whatever is stumping you help us out there if it is something some pictures and text messages cannot resolve given to a quick snack session with of the real-time live video chat with the tudor who could walk you through the problem on a share a wide board and the application you will have to see and hear the tutors or through the problem this way you can interact with them it is the closest thing to of in person to your is free questions are free the more complicated they get
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and time consuming the hallmark help will cost between two and $10 if it is more than quick helps of a one problem there several application web sites that offer on the man and person to bring the web site called it is like a yacht for tutors you get on the into the is a cold and the subject you're looking for in the shop for tutors once you find was to laconism price range you book an in person session they are thoroughly checked out with a background checks and there are rated and reviewed by the clients to you get a good idea of who you are going to work with the charge and a rise of $15 an hour some of it will negotiate the canal green and come the two is on here are cheaper than the phone book.
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>>anny hong: 04 showing the damage in the you know what is going on next the time now for 42.
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>>anny hong: they will feel the force of impact of typhoon the high winds and how heavy the rainfall is with the video they said one man has died at the john of the fall off the fishing boat from the high waves that pass through the philippine last week killing 14 and lived in another three missing that are causing damage throughout the island concede buildings proposed and senses that destroyed in the storm brought
4:45 am
to the streets are shut down and about a hundred and a thousand people have had to flee their homes by one of two typhoons that have been threatened the western pacific and is now heading to mainland japan in the letter goes to china. >>james: this is a live look outside we have low clouds courtesy of the marine layer it is looking for the good the clout should break by midmorning we're looking at a pretty nice sunday afternoon temperatures or now a process is the sixth is the same temperature range we see each and every day of around the bay
4:46 am
59 and a box of 57 in antioch 59 in pleasanton otherwise well below six is a place like san francisco and oakland san jose were to the judge grants from 60 to 63 degrees and the sea a few of those high clouds move off with deal with the low marine layer that will be gone a was to attempt to responding accordingly at the moment will get the six is confined to the bay shoreline in the coast seven is closer in for the inland valleys like turcotte this afternoon they get pushed right up to the coastline the shoreline will be in the '70s and the to the '80s to come into play once again with an analogy to see were getting pretty close a few tens of read through the east bay as a second look at the temperatures and normal form you see where we get close livermore 88 the high 4 to 86
4:47 am
and antioch. >>james: getting real close to 90 degree territory in the south that look more mid '80s with a 3 to 86 degrees in the north and 8285 if you are all on this afternoon look for most sunny skies with 74 degree weather. >>rebecca: there is an update not blocking any lanes at this point that is some good news this is going to be the accident of resume into the map is going
4:48 am
to be in the macarthur maze on westbound 80 the right shoulder has been blocked to come still see there is a little bit of slow traffic approaching and passing the scene of the accident and is causing a lot of attention traffic is still pretty light switching over to the bay bridge toll plaza the approach come out of the maze in getting to the tow was about 92 the richmond san rafael bridge is very quiet up to no. bed switching to the golden gate
4:49 am
bridge problem free this hour the remains that way sought 101 looks good all the way to high with 37. >>anny hong: you better be careful who you chalice of officers on the san francisco police force has quite the moves this viral video is shedding light on the bay area of canada fighting a very serious illness. >>reporter: that's ok and the doctors tell via super soldiers and his blood and they would defeat the evil villain he did so strong in was a round of kilo he pauses to break dancing in the video and encouraging other kids with cancer he started
4:50 am
following his journey on social medium he's been inspired by the 33 lb kid who seems to be also and heart when the bread will hope had a treatment schedule a ucsf they want to say hi he did not expect this to break dancing battle in the middle of the hospital the officer showed no hesitation with 25 lbs. of gear proof that super heroes where all kinds of uniforms some green and some blue.
4:51 am
>>anny hong: a big day for bay area friends in the case you miss four to nine life. >>j.r. stone: it is 49 a football we go straight to the video former player for australia 35 yd first to return said the field goals also ripped off a 34 your run from scrimmage among the 38 total yards you see a defensive tackle with talked-about will bring it down a quest for sex--- six six
4:52 am
>>: this video release this past week in detail the new carson stadium in what would look like the shows nfl owners the chicago we talked about this issue last week were john by chris and also the coliseum commission we want to jump right into we look at the situation and really looks like. >>: at this moment the developer from san diego bed had a plan and the financial wealth and can do his submitted the plan to sit county on tuesday they're hosting an event anyone can come and the raiders are still here with a season. >>anny hong: we will be right
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>>anny hong: track at compton the second weekend at #one for the movie was is a are more than hundred and $11 million total and tell the story of the rise are rappers and aa and 26.8 million into the cells of the weekend miss and possible broken nation which stars tom cruise hundreds of students from across northern california that to work on their skills guest today, took part in the today have upon the designed an underrepresented students of color to computer science and to promote production rather than
4:56 am
just consumed technology to compete for prizes including college scholarships, have developed their own act on them shared with this experience meant for them. volunteers will more than a dozen leading companies took part in this event some of them addressed issues like education in the quality and health issues, trump is headlining on the cover of rolling stone the magazine plans to the to the republican presidential candidate next issue in that issue should come out early next month last week he appeared on the cover of time magazine
4:57 am
alongside a bald eagle he recently appeared on the cover of the hollywood reporter here is what we are working on at 5:00 coming up in just a few minutes we are live in downtown napa for the city is remembering the one-year anniversary of the earthquake. the three americans who helped the potential massacre to get caught.
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>darya: good morning. >>james: today is monday august 24th cents to 6.0 earthquake will be taking a look back in
5:00 am
fact will be sitting here in this spot is a napa this morning and during the special coverage. >>mark: the coverage in downtown napa showing the after effects one year later after the earthquake including the historic post office will remain closed and slated to demolition will be all morning long live coverage and wonder anniversary of the south quick. >>anny hong: by lunch time you want to kill off the layer looking for more sunshine as racine gradual clearing tampa's will be very pleasant to mild
5:01 am
upper 60s to the bay shoreline by 3:00 p.m. the kids are finishing of school and heading home they will be in the upper eighties to mid '70's for the bay in mid 60s for the coast the morning of live look at the bay bridge approach of the toll plaza cloudy skies temperatures are in the '60s and san francisco 62 for our friends in the more santa rosa we're in the lower 60s 86 and antioch 74 in oakland the high in san jose of around 83 warming up quite nicely today and for the loss of a mid '80s and now but to 82 in san rafael. >>george: this was an accident report earlier this morning in
5:02 am
the westbound direction if you would watching you heard us tell you about the macarthur maze actually just before on interstate 80 was bound ahead of the berkeley curve that cleared the accident not only from the labor in appears they cleared it off to the east at the bay bridge toll plaza so you concede there is no longer a delay there had been a backup and is less about the direction come down from university avenue of the drive times at 15 minutes is still well within normal tolerance we're not track any delays if you are in the commute heading south toward highway 92 this morning rubble into using the san sale bridge lead on will find an easy ride with no delays are backups and
5:03 am
11 minute trip times across the foster city. >>darya: the anniversary of the quake we're not for this morning and bring the special coverage. >>mark: it rattled a lot of nerve destroyed a lot of buildings and caused by some estimates of billion dollars of damage one year later in downtown napa and his store building in the national stores registry slated for demolition by the post office a big fight underway in try and save this building 10 and 20¢ a second at 320 in the morning that was bought by a million people around the bay area and the
5:04 am
stages the violent shaking including water main that broke through the area of hundred thousand people without power weeks since the quake living about 6 mi. from the epicenter it was a very violent earthquake with three very strong banks and 15 seconds of roland and now one year later many businesses are still trying to cover. >>j.r. stone: this is what the collective mind room look like when i report on the not for a quick last year today they're still lots of work to be done in fact all the scaffolding surrounding the building you may not even realize the wine
5:05 am
tasting room is open for business he is the manager of it is a lot of wine room he says this building was built and 1875 and the old stone building and not for some of the rocks that fell during the quick way 700 lbs. as for the cause of reopening. he said the building should be fairness in the coming months and you can bet he will be they're serving up vintage wine.
5:06 am
>>mark: to help commemorate the one your anniversary ride down the street from the of the veterans park at 320 this afternoon there will be a gathering with music and the people of not all come together on this one year anniversary and we have a lot more work with resources and special section dedicated to the one-year anniversary of the south quick on our website including tips on how you should be prepared for the next earthquake and will be live in downtown now with the coverage. >>james: another major story we following this morning three americans who took down a heavily armed man on a passenger train speeding to belgium has received top, they grow next door to each other in sacramento and three friends the in the tech down the government and
5:07 am
into the floor with has of the tide efficacy in the video the president praised the brave man and said they showed the face whatever we have the power to resist it also gave a lesson in courage and will invest in hope and " they're now being held as heroes for stop the war could have been a mass killing. >>: they grabbed the gun out his hand what we put a minute to hold it seemed like he kept pulling no more weapons left and right for a handgun he to that to cover box cutters started jabbing at me with that. >>james: the gunmen matt has the lead twice is not in custody undergoing interrogation. >>darya: hundreds of people came together last night to celebrate the life of eight year-old madison the mendelssohn she would listen last month from her apartment complex--madison
5:08 am
middleton in the parking garage of the apartment complex where she lived 15 you're a did gonzalez a neighbor has been charged with her murder and he is charged as an adult--a drama gonzales its focus on matt on life's >>darya: the birthday is october 5th month the mayor of santa cruz proclaimed sunday august 23rd the middle to and day moving forward eight people shot during a party at the california music festival the lid is on the search for the gunmen our big
5:09 am
story this morning is been 1 years since the 6.0 earthquake will continue our live coverage in just a moment. so you're teing staes williven on ts li at e lowest prices? weave 110%riceatch guantefor ck. so you're teing staes williven looke inhe e andell staps hathe westrice staples s thlowe pris th o pri mat guantee workfor . make 110% pre mah guante for hoolappe aplemakeore ppen
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take advantage of our summer offers. get this low mileage lease on select ats models, in stock the longest, for around 269 per month. >>mark: the napa post office and store build and build the 1933 still closed racing up on the building metal braces to prevent the bricks from falling into the street one year since the earthquake and last year's 6.0 with the largest earthquake in california since the 9789 earthquake to 6.9 hours after
5:13 am
the 6.0 quake at 320 in the morning they found large cracks and the pavement and parking lot it also places on the ground and they discovered even after the initial six. old quick the ground kept moving after all week is shifted more than 14 in. in some locations geophysicists believe it is possible year later the ground could still be slowly moving amazing damage and a lot of but lingering adjutancy in the downtown area will continue the coverage all morning long as they like comes up will show you more of the damage still visible in downtown and the city of not watt and vallejo.
5:14 am
>>anny hong: temperatures will be warm it up a little bit over the next couple of days here is a live look at the golden gate bridge and we are working up to cloud the skies pretty much all across the bay area due to a deep marine layer the oakland unified started school today here is a look at the back-to- school forecast for this afternoon temperatures right now starting off in the '60s on a cloudy conditions will see a run 69 degrees by lunchtime one of quite nicely very pleasant afternoon expected today look for high of 74 to ever to school and down and to lure some is an actor '60s by in o'clock this evening will for the westland raised by the to m.p.h. and sunny skies to budget starting in san francisco low 60s and san jose mid-50s and antioch 50 in fairfield and of the '50s and not all pretty no.
5:15 am
>>anny hong: that shows the clouds decreasing crosstalk the morning hours by 9:00 expensive urine fairfield a livermore that pull back even more so by lunchtime the coast is exceptional in the sea partly to mostly cloudy conditions for the afternoon today later on tonight the clouds roll back in the pettifog making way is for another called start for tomorrow morning ease to bay high a very similar to a guest to that and added degree for most locations 74 is the high in oakland mid-70's in union city fremont woman know quite nicely at a seven is close to '80s by the afternoon our the east bay high at 3:00 p.m. for the inland spots look like this 85 in walnut creek not too extreme 86 for our friends and cousins and
5:16 am
operated the livermore a little warmer today compared to yesterday. >>anny hong: mid '80s and pets bird and 83 martinez the next three days look like this on the modest number of continues through tomorrow but temperatures are warm to also be definitely a little warm as well through the middle of the workweek. >>george: more tractable we're used to sing in a while starting at the bay bridge toll plaza pretty like an easy ride no delays for the westbound trip if this the normal commute will sit amid realize activated sometime in the next half hour it is not a club record to see the early activation that we saw last week and that the minister trip time, the out of the macarthur maze again 11 minutes from the
5:17 am
toll plaza out for the 101 and 101 the golden gate bridge is an easy trip with a northbound or southbound they're just finishing up the line reconfiguration at the north end of the span and into iran the the richmond bridge the problem free ride the headlines we're looking at a westbound heading for the toll plaza in the marin county ride tracking the ride around the bay first hercules to berkeley and easy trip for westmount interstate 80 at 15 minutes we've added the drive time in tracking the ride on high which was before it is a 12 minute drive time as a head out for all the creek toward highway 13 and berkeley was 580 is great between livermore and dublin horrible to the altar month passed and the more that is a typical ride to the core or commit from san leandro down to
5:18 am
millepede is 24 minutes so far. >>james: is burning at knickerbocker rolled the blazes burned hundred acres so far and is just about 30 percent contained more than for the homes and threatening in that area their manager evacuation's and many roads are closed because of fire in a backless is and has been set up at the convention center that fiat course of 25,000 a. and destroyed six homes of 21 buildings are evacuation's fire crews are working to cross all the hot spots it was still burning in march in the area inside the perimeter the test of fire burning and livermore and accounting is now 100 percent contained this morning in this
5:19 am
bird about 1,500 a. in all the cause of the fire still under investigation. >>darya: police a such an for killer in modesto one person was killed and 700 or heard in the gunfire had from 3:00 sunday morning the event was meant to be in after party for modesto exclamation festival organizers said the party had no official connection to the outdoor concert by the time they got them most of the victims and witnesses left the 25 year-old man was found dead at the scene the seven others who were shot appeared at a hospital and so far made no arrest the sentencing phase began for the move appeared shooter james a jury cannot agree on the death penalty for him that automat to give some life in prison without parole he was convicted of killing 12 people and injuring 70 others in a showing at the
5:20 am
move appeared in the 12th. >>james: they say it one in five cases of cancer in the u.s. now and saw someone who has had the disease before that number is up from one in 10 grammar and 1970's but the increase may be seen as a positive because more people are surviving cancer and living longer enough to get it again but doctors said the new data should serve as a warning to survive is to remain vigilant and screening for new cancers. >>james: the prosecutor in the case against anthony had committed to having an account on the recently had web site he signed the for the site because he was curious what he did not have an affair he ask for forgiveness for his bad judgment the latest in a
5:21 am
prominent name to be linked to the cheating web site. >>darya: the big story is the one-year anniversary of the six. all not a quick as we continue to handle the live coverage in just a few minutes apple is recalling some of their phones what you need to know after the break.
5:22 am
5:23 am
hodid bece sentindey eating o aft theext,aftethe xt? so pdictle a sounsasfyi? what aut plingp a air,a stl, a bebag,nd aualltastg r fo. we a a camy eesehatstilbelies in t beay of kni, inhe eganswip of a . . spe. coue, at dsn'tean you n't nk uor sop u up enjoy ery ngle soi-tay bi. the laugng c. inve snaing.
5:24 am
>>darya: down and then the city there is a cool spot as 67 we're looking and holden steady all week san francisco pretty close to 70.
5:25 am
>>james: in the to the another rocky week ahead leading investigator shaking multiplied or weaken and the flight will be another rough day the future rep now look even worse. >>darya: a batch of iphone are being recalled of a defect of the cause the to to glory pictures the problem with this
5:26 am
particular is a new iphone problems eyesight camera on certain forms of models at the recent call fact to and should timbre connected to and in january 2015 customers. >>james: we're surrounded by a layer of garbage this is how one biologist described the trip to the great the to the garden packed them on the tracks
5:27 am
estimates are about twice the size of texas it all has collected together and there ride in san francisco pier 30 of 32 on sunday it was on a 30 day voyage as part of the cleanup effort and came back with those results as their situation not see why a terminal had to be locked down from hours. >>mark: the continuing coverage on the one-year anniversary of the great not our earthquake
5:28 am
will have none of the coming of the one year later.
5:29 am
did ya kw? esh ep e.
5:30 am
's ao thbestightight r elina. aming,ight fosupeor or elimatiotry frh st extme.. ghweht. >>darya: the top story is the one-year anniversary of the not our quake hit at 320 in the morning on sunday august 24th of last year we want to take a look back. >>mark: a lot of damage still visible all around the area including this post office still closed unlikely swarms life for demolition downtown still no post a loss of one year later
5:31 am
will be live in downtown now was more on the earth or one year later and some of the clinic as recovery efforts they're still continuing. >>anny hong: temperatures in san jose good morning to you in the low 60s to some of these and 10 this morning lunchtime great debt to be outdoors and for seven is pushing close to 80 buy lunch definitely church and t- shirt for the afternoon were looking yellow '80s that the high hit a 2:00 p.m. today the evening ride home expecting sunny conditions around 6:77 the the temperature look for northwestern breeze father to moscow are now stepping out the door what of the '50s and '60s
5:32 am
at this hour of the fifties and pleasanton 62 in livermore 63 rescinded all sixties in downtown san francisco called the skies all across the bay right now but tempers are corn to be one of very nicely will see temperatures in the '80s the coast generally staying in the '60s. >>george: we're watching with a small degree of interest was going on at the bay bridge was
5:33 am
bonded pairs the mid realize are about to get activated with just tech moments ago with caltrans and they tell of the have not yet been turned on but you can see as the biggest backing up in the center line in the fashion clients that is a pretty good indicator where close to same the activated if the heavens as the already for the ride to the san mateo bridge hot spot for a drive in fact we're not traffic in hot spot were laughing at us move trip would just and 11 minute drive times and it over to foster city tracking an accident on the peninsula no delays yet for 101 northbound in the embarcadero road are mountain view leading to power oct. it is possible the one line is blocked--palo alto. >>george: it is zero the line from capitol expressway to the
5:34 am
montague expressway heading out toward cupertino and highway 85 and 280 edge is 14 minutes the west valley freeway 85 is without delay also ought to cupertino this time from the 1 01 unchanged your trip time is just 17 minutes. >>james: we have some and now for this morning headed of this special coverage. >>mark: one year later the damage done from the 6.0 earthquake in is the not the post office still close and the historic building on the registry you can see the metal braces going across the just keeping the building from falling apart a battle going on now between the close of the two largest tear down this building on his star registry in the city of now that was to find a way to
5:35 am
keep the building going into the left to pursue the first presbyterian church this fire tilted dramatically after the earthquake still a lot of reminder from the clinic a year later but recent video to show you what looked like last year a popular beauty school and the building red tag and there were cracks in the wall today the biggest school has reopened to both students and instruction are back in the clashes and $76,000 offer on monday and repairs as an addition to what the building have to spend retrofitting and today the building still covered in scaffolding. >>mark: people do mild earthquake insurance to people lost a lot of personal items the damaged by last is close to $1 billion from this earthquake a lot of people were affected in all people still have nightmares and there will come up the
5:36 am
middle of the night the town and resins gathering to commemorate the quake with food wine and music to 20 in the morning off we have a lot of resources and information and is all on our web site >>darya: when a brick kennels are the size of san jose police are investigating a late night shooting of the and and if one person dead and happened as before midnight on of on avenue when offices got there they found a man who was line on the ground had been shot at least once and he died on the scene
5:37 am
right now they're looking for gunman. >>james: video from the elementary school in oakland last week as they were busy preparing the classroom will share that what the school has enough teachers not all schools the district is headed teacher sure of what it needs to shortage of 32 may seem like a lot it is an improvement official said it is unlikely all of the winfield by today with a said it will buy credentialed instructions in all classrooms. >>darya: that shut down the terminal or around noon incident at also found out they believe to be an explosive device in a piece of luggage and
5:38 am
a security checkpoint they were rerouted and forced to of the security the device was a toy grenade and had been left behind the terminal was reopened in there were no delays this morning police are saying one of the victims and an east oakland drive-by shooting was a three year-old child is have the wrong 10:00 p.m. near 77th and garfield avenue and 35 your man and three your girl were both sitting in a car of the time of the shooting the child was grazed the one of the bullets the adult victim suffered a gunshot wound that was not life- threatening. >>james: donald trump is still asking for campaign contributions actor mel gibson in trouble this morning will tell you what he did after
5:39 am
popper ross took a picture of tampa. after they took a picture of him. (wolves howlg) wh heab. fight ba witreli smoh anfast tu smohiestart ssolng t instt itouch youtong. and neutlizestomh acidt thsour. tum-m-tutum-ms
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5:41 am
>>james: and donald trump has his hands out the billionaire is the for donations with no strings attached you take them to the president to campaign but not for lobbyist who expect something in return and on history as a down has left and skeptical of contributions and took a shot another class of influence to donors said they get away with murder and would have to pay higher taxes if he wins the republican nomination and is elected the moguls, yesterday a week after he said he's willing to spend a billion dollars on his own campaign. >>darya: the one that accused of assaulting an australian photographer the woman and the time for claims that he pushed her to bed at her and was verbally abusive if said he was
5:42 am
being harassed and there was no physical contact a strolling police primacy in in. ♪ the 2015 cadillac srx. lease this from around $339 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing. evy au insanceolichasa nuer.
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5:44 am
5:45 am
>>darya: continue in the coverage of the one-year anniversary. >>mark: a broken bottle water pipes over 200 people injured one year later and a lot of damage can taken place even still of the summer has in fact this was apparent throughout the summer for the new school year contract is busy fixing damage done during the 6.0 quake and a lot of schools sentiment seismic improvements. kron 4 it was an eye opening event for the napa valley unified school district have a textbook was expressing to the
5:46 am
ground floors crashed in my fiction fell from the ceiling one major concern has a bookshelf of file cabinets that fell over here was especially worrisome is the 2014 have been during the school >>maureen kelly: we done away
5:47 am
with that in some cases to make it works and always did fences. and get out you may have to crawl over we'll be able to get out life and to replace what once was but the to snap off another big chunk of the $2 million spent over the summer with the excavating the ground from the charter schools was turned into a much closer to the falcon and when reliance swashes and the earth caused the cracks to reopen the had to dig it all- out on down to 4 ft. exposing the utility lines the parking lot is not repaid with the district is considering rebuilding stone bridge harder on a new location at the site and a safer distance from the line.
5:48 am
>>mark: imagine if this happened during the middle of the day and have a more kids were in school people walking the streets and all the bricks fell off the building are real saving grace to the big 6.0 quake was it did happen in the middle of the nine night. >>james: this turn the attention to whether. >>anny hong: a live look from our embarcadero, and we are working up to cloud the conditions on this monday morning temperatures are course outside and san francisco 61 degrees by 10:64 at 2:00 this afternoon 69 to hi pushing close to 70 the for the west when the
5:49 am
five this in moscow our were leaving the office heading back home later on tonight temperatures in the mid-60s by 6:00 this evening under some conditions temperatures are in the fifties to low 60s 62 in san jose 63 in sunnyvale 63 also in oakland of the fifties and vallejo moppet and fairfield on the bill so to cut the high for the province low 7 december log to low 80s and read what city in the coast sing in the mid to upper 64 pacifica will similar seminars and half moon bay and the parlor to most toccata conditions and as a few more legal quite nicely to low 80s and san jose. >>anny hong: 77 degrees for our friends in mountain view were talking are '80s and livermore minute bus ride around average 84 concord 85 and apple and
5:50 am
around low 80s in san rafael political for the weekend checkout saturday with a slight chance to maybe a little bit of rain on the bay area on saturday it is still several days away the timing of course on how much grain we can get still will keep you posted all want to mention that because the could bring this about of the ride over the weekend. >>george: despite the few incidents here is the bay bridge and the westbound ride even with the meager light activated is not too bad the backed up the early morning may's accident we have of their it is sitting in the parking lot it was quickly cleared from the is sure freeway the drive time 12 minutes from westbound out of the macarthur maze the metering
5:51 am
lights are active here to san mateo bridge ride is rolling smoothly still tracking and 11 minute trip time foster city handing over to hey were in the golden gate bridge ride a lot like from the toll plaza in the currency is a smooth trip if you're driving to marin this morning heading out the door you're looking at a 23 minute trip time out of novato to get you right here to the toll plaza of the golden gate bridge we're looking at about 8 minute time across the richmond san rafael bridge the back of just because they do not have the cache lines open. >>george: that come on at 6:00 the backed a were clear out and a little backup here for an accident on 101, the embarcadero impala out of the have increased a bit delayed and the rest of the peninsula commute adjutancy look as good tracking the drive from paul i'll talk to berlin game right on track at 18 minutes this morning for the north lawn 101 ride.
5:52 am
>>darya: the death toll from the jet crash an air show in the u.k. is likely to go up as rescuers are looking for more victims it happened on saturday afternoon the video of the jet from offline look in this is just before it started to those guys if he lost control and came crashing down on a busy highway as many as 11 people they think will die from this one is all said and done the pilot survived but was seriously injured the highways on to stay close as they look the search for possible war victims in the area on to the people from guatemala to, and and when the time that the to hear jimmy carter the first appearance of the former president since revealing he is battling cancer his grandson says it was the
5:53 am
689th time he taught a class at the baptist church in georgia he focused a 45 minute lesson on faith and love he ended it by shaking hands and taking pictures lemnos last week of may from melanoma had spread to his brain and and. >>james: that defeat the dallas cowboys 236 in the preseason games this year they were pumped to come out to leave by stadium yesterday it wants to check out the new coach to see how they did their known for being hot in a santa clara valley but was not too bad yesterday and there were handed out why some sunscreen paper fans however park and once again proved to be difficult.
5:54 am
>>darya:--->>james: if this will continue to be a problem with the obviously played he most practices outside of the stadium after it came loose and they're running around it was replaced after they sold out last weekend. >>darya: to its take a look at the temperature is right now around the bay area where long
5:55 am
way to go this morning at the upper 50s to '60s we will be right back. i need evethinon ts li so mkids will be ady r scol. ey'lbe 1% rey. folds, rers,rayo? 15, 35, 50. goodno dailev getpaste. waitwherare kid goodno dailev getpaste. thosaren min ke l pris haen. ma 110readhapp. stles. ke me haen.
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>>darya: homicide investigation is underway will have a live report with the details on what happened.
5:58 am
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6:00 am
>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>james: 1 years is to 6.0 earthquake the sec to look up the special coverage. >>mark: one year to hours of 40 minutes since the 6.0 earthquake injured some 200 people killed one injured six people critically and a $2 billion of damage one year later hummel lingering effects the post office and the store building shattered a lot is slated for demolition will be live here in downtown napa a proper one to bring you more coverage one-year anniversary of the six power earthquake.
6:01 am
>>anny hong: today oakland unified were going back to school this morning were a jacket or sweater temperatures all generally in the '60s this morning month's time you want to kill off the layer has received more sunshine and faster clearing dropped one and hours were recent afternoon high will see a park '80s a little bit warmer today compared to yesterday and here is a live look at the bay bridge this morning called disguised or will see faster clearing low 60s and san francisco 63 in oakland san jose 63 low sixties for livermore and santa rosa. >>anny hong: it and where the
6:02 am
shorts and t-shirt 74 oakland 77 san mateo and low 80s and sunnyvale and san jose and the sunny conditions. >>george: the good news ride up the bad we're not tracking any hot spots right now the commission seems to unfold and fairly normal in the big surprises at the bay bridge the metering lights were not activated early about 56 months ahead as scheduled but not before five started as good news will have a modest back of were here at the middle of the east parking lot the drive times a runner-up todd 14 minutes even out of the macarthur maze as you head out for foster city, hayward and 11 minutes of time for the 92 westbound ride with continue to track this accident on 101 in the northbound direction and
6:03 am
paulo out of the accident cleared on the shoulder for moving off the freeway in is just a brief hesitation to traffic for the northbound 101 ride. >>darya: >>mark this continue or coverage >>mark: you're really do that alexander building the same is building in the corner of downtown teetering this almost repaired and historic post office behind the clothes and probably the building slated for demolition trying to save this building built in 1933 on the
6:04 am
national historic register the first presbyterian church remains fire with tittering after the earthquake that has since been repaired it will remind of how the earthquake wines and the video showing you the trend this video really gives you the feel of how violent it was three big banks followed by another 15 seconds of constancy line. >>mark: a lot of damage as was the winery damaged all the winery damage the 6.0 or a cause
6:05 am
hundreds of millions of dollars in damage. >>j.r. stone: this is what look like when i reported on the earthquake last year today there are still lots of work to be done with all the staff of and surrounding the building in man and realize the wine tasting room is open for business he's the manager of the collective wine room he says this building was built and a 1075 and oldest building in apple thought. >>j.r. stone: as to the cost of reopening kelsey has been the
6:06 am
building should be fairness in the coming months and that he will be this serving of a vintage wine. >>mark: a quick and strong as for heavily expensive the damage estimate them the funds or to quit was mayor riordan dollars will be gathering at the
6:07 am
veterans park in commemorating the birth or for the music in that will take place. >>mark: is always a great reminder there we do have an earthquake country in the earthquake preparedness kits to redding stay with us will be live in downtown napa. >>james: the major story this morning coming at us from wall street it will be another rough day for traders and investors we have the sea to down nearly 4% off by nearly 700. pretty incredible it comes off of a very here we are just about 22
6:08 am
minutes from the beginning of trading on wall street. >>darya: >>mar and jackie is lie on the same with latest details. >>jackie sissel: that are still out here on the scene gathering evidence and the sea and the 28 homicides in san jose is video according to san jose police department ever see the called shot fired from a fat out here they discovered a body of an adult male who had been shot and leaks to want in the middle of
6:09 am
the street you was pronounced dead at the scene there remorse will suspects and according to the san jose police they got out and some of them able to set up a perimeter in hopes of catching the suspect a one. a middle school in the committee center were both put on lockdown the investigative arm around the area did endorse as a stealth the called off a search and have not identified the suspects as far as the victim they're saying is an adult male with a gunshot wounds it appear he was shot out on the street in the broadway and we're waiting for more details from the sun was the police department when we get the will pass them along. >>james: who have three americans who took down heavily armed man on a passenger train speeding through belgium they receive the top, this morning
6:10 am
the got the lead of, of this morning and special ceremony able to grow in the door to each other in sacramento and three were actually in paris vacationing when they were able to pin down as gunman would become open fire and centum to the floor and kept his hands and feet tied together until he was arrested that fits with terror we have the power to resist and to give a lesson in courage and will in the us and hope the three are being held as heroes to stop what could have been a mass killing. >>: when down talk with him hit the ground wrapped his gun we come a chokehold and seem like he kept pulling more weapons left in ride pulled out a handgun to combat and took out a box cutter started jabbering may
6:11 am
with that. >>james: the gunman is in custody undergone interrogation we will be right back.
6:12 am
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6:17 am
>>anny hong: the clouds do start to burn off and land will see more gradual clearing brought the morning hours looking for
6:18 am
planets of sunshine with the exception of the coast you see some clear and partial clearing for the afternoon to buy timber to us will drop was in the clouds. >>anny hong: low 60s and the more of our fifties in pleasanton berkeley good morning you're in the low seventies for the afternoon 74 and oakland you're comfortable calling this mild mid-70's in union city that will be warmer if you're in and talking or perhaps it is in livermore. >>anny hong: a perception is in our brand of the next three days tomorrow is the warmest low 94 our inland spots the coast the
6:19 am
school into the mid '60s. >>george: not doing too bad this morning track a a couple of incidents in the south bank we are hot spots free in any major delays at the bay bridge for example we are looking to about 14 minutes expected to start climbing has things are getting a little slow or at the heart of the toll plaza even though the backed up all the rich is just about 880 of the cross and it looks as though the meter miser been cycled a little more slowly for the ride to the san mateo bridge and highway 92 the brick flights coming on now westbound out on the flat section drive times holding pretty well and the 619 we are still early enough the we should now see any big delays yet. >>george: 37 down to the bridge
6:20 am
and into iran the the richmond bridge and easy ride no backlog get no delays for the westbound ride the south bay because rep tracking a couple of incidents just passed the 101 interchange so far no delays to track the biggest one truck involved in the crash and could turn into a problem or even a hot spot a quick look at the south bay drive times 18 minutes from the capitol expressway on 11 north to montague expressway the 280 drive out to cupertino is still down at 14 minutes.
6:21 am
>>james: the fire is called the summit fire and it is burning and knickerbocker world and south of big bear lake the blazes burn hundred acres at the moment is the eighth percent contained more than 400 homes are printed in that area there mandatory evacuations and number has been closed because of the fire evacuation center has been set up at the bit their convention center along with 21 other buildings all evacuation's and road closures have been lifted so some improvement on the front fire crews working to pour all the hot spots and moms and the area inside the perimeter the tesla fire burning near livermore that is in a minute, now the the second time this morning there's a of a burned about 1,500 a. in all because the fire still under investigation this morning.
6:22 am
>>darya: jury cannot agree on the death penalty and the trial earlier this month that automatically dim sum-prison without parole if convicted of killing 12 people and injuring 70 others during the move appeared showing in 2012 the sensing and begins today and expect to last few days. >>james: the prosecutor in the casey into the case has committed to having an account on the recently had web site the state attorney in central florida said but he signed for the site he also ask for forgiveness for his bad judgment i deeply regret my affiliation with the site of his cause a great amount of stress and heart to my wife and children to i want to publicly apologize to each of them for
6:23 am
this embarrassment for my disregard for their feelings he is the latest prominent name to be linked to that cheating web site. >>darya: billionaire donald trump is asking for money but do not expect to get anything for your donation in return is what to send donations of his presence a campaign but not for lobbyists to expect it would something in return his own history has a donor as a dull himself less skeptical it took a shot another class of donors and the fund managers say that they get away with murder and would have to pay higher taxes if he wins the republican nomination and is elected the realistic, yesterday and a week after he said he is willing to spend a billion dollars of his own money on his campaign. >>james: next a deadly crash at an air show in the united
6:24 am
kingdom were the death toll could rise an explosion of a military base in japan will show you what blew up. notice how this breakfast burrito starts with the basic tortilla, but then inside... it's stuffed with tender, juicy, sliced steak.
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6:26 am
>>james: in world news this morning the death toll for military jet crashed at an air show in united kingdom is likely to rise to happen saturday afternoon and this video the jet's performance offline looked as before started to nosedive the pilot lost control and the jet came crashing down on a busy highway and concede the smoke from the distance as many as 11 people will likely be dead from this crash early investigators said seven people were killed the pilot survived but was still sick and injured a high we will stay closed as long as they need to the search for the possible victims.
6:27 am
>>darya: ever for u.s. army depot in japan you can see the distance the glow from the blast at this is new video which is got into kron 4 overnight the building compressed nitrogen oxygen and freon no one was hurt investigators are trying to figure out what caused it right now. >>james: along with the crisis terror attack continues to grow this comic a strange group as the lawn of the 2000 year-old temple this comes less than a week after the militants publicly beheaded the museum and then to call these diller the government is trying to find out more of the extent to hundreds gathered to remember the santa cruz girl who was killed allegedly by her own teenager and a worm.
6:28 am
6:29 am
>>james: moments ahead of the opening bell wall street all eyes looking to see the latest numbers trading-by about 600. has now dropped another the finishes down it did again this
6:30 am
more as triggering or wide sell- off the stock market's course in the middle east in saudi arabia egypt and israel all down joplin and the sock this morning trading on wall street.
6:31 am
>>james: they will kick in and trading for moments take a breath haven't seen it taken down 511. looks like the leveling off just a little bit it is clear them out marring my long shot is a post just dumping stocks again what happens in china it happens around the world.
6:32 am
>>james: we're dangerously close to that level for the 950 points.
6:33 am
>>mark: you concede metal braces holding the side of the building from collapsing 1933 his store
6:34 am
building slated for demolition now in fact a lot of damage close some estimates $502 billion worth the damage from the quick to lend to people and we have video to show you from the 6.0 earthquake in northern california since 1989 that was a 6.9 and experts with the usgs serving spent the last year studying this a quick and apple try to learn more about what happened that some large cracks and the pavement even a year later it could still be slowly creeping or bought a dozen aftershocks from the big earthquake were surprised geologist who thought there be more fall on such a powerful earthquake the schools affected
6:35 am
by the earthquake have a lot more preparation to do it was an eye opening event for the napa valley unified school district is heavy taxables was sent crashing to the ground. kron 4 like fiction is fell from the ceiling where will the to the fact that it is still a pretty good shape we found out they really are not one major concern heavy bookshelf and file cabinets left over it was especially worrisome and elementary schools were small children could have been badly hurt or trapped in 2014 have happened during the school day
6:36 am
rather than in the middle of the night over the summer changes were made fixes 3 ft. high and over secure is a lot of images was in the district with the aluminum and iron it is there to prevent it from breaking loose and tipping you can say this is not want to go anywhere right fix is also replace with the one less likely to snap off another the top of the nearly $2 million spent over the summer was excavating the ground and from the storm this charter school was turned into a much closer to the falcon and one realize this video from last year show the ruptures and the parking lot which were passed shortly after but small shifts in the earth called the cracks to reopen the had to dig it all of going down 4 ft.. >>maureen kelly: that parking
6:37 am
lot is now repaved again but the district is considering rebuilding storm bridge chart on a new location at this site and a safer distance from the fault line. >>mark: in the city of napa it was the level of bass and a lot of damage as well with dozens of buildings and the downtown area damage from this quake one of the saving graces happened at 320 in the middle of the nine and has happened during daylight hours to children in school of the people out and bought another number injuries roughly 201 death from this earthquake was probably been a lot worse will continue this covers from downtown brought the morning on this one year anniversary of the 6.0 earthquake.
6:38 am
>>george: it turns out there has to be some emergency guard repairs on the seashore free wine and richmond and san pablo dam road, on the right-hand side of the road with there's a rather press very person for this drive of about 30 ft.. >>george: they felt the risk was too high to leave this unattended and letting go until after the commute they have shut down the right hand lane of interstate 80 and look at this at this early hour because were only a 630 a we already backed up past highway 4 and interstate 80 west bound in the drive times already pushing of force of 40 minutes as a to see we are back
6:39 am
up toward crockett on a westbound what are your options to well san paolo avenue but that is one to back a very quickly as is the richmond park where lots of people use that already and what conditions this bad here most of the already started to a bailout on to the richmond park when 780 to six any stock option does not regret this morning because the article quite a bit of slow traffic on 680 for the southbound ride come down from 242 to the walnut creek interchange in the sun. the get out the door early for which it out or telecommute of the coming audibly of think about taking the ferry this morning. >>george: 9:00 this when it affects one to pick this roadwork of which means the doctor will last a long afterwards despite the fact the traffic is being held on the e sure freeway where still rapidly
6:40 am
backing up toward the macarthur maze and the drive times a spike to 18 minutes the ride to the san mateo bridge and highway 92 here's a look at the commit you see more break flights coming on the drive times climbed 14 to 15 minutes the golden gate bridge drive problem free no delays in either direction and the richmond bridge a westbound interstate 580 know that the order lead heavy attack on the richer and parkway may actually slow the back of here this morning and means that it might start a little bit later than usual. >>anny hong: they have their new back at the oakland unified good morning to you we're in the '60s morning cloud maybe a little bit of fog and drizzle
6:41 am
but was a fast from becoming sunny by lunchtime mid-70s and then to six is for the bay shoreline by 3:00 p.m. as kids are heading out of class and heading back home which is the upper 80s to the elements of the swing three and 4:00 mid-70s here is a check of the high for the peninsula or talking mid to upper seven is a san mateo very comfortable not to halt all recall located in redwood city is seven is a paulo out so to 67 degrees our friends in pacifica cupertino sunnyvale san jose look for high of 82 by 3:00 today a low 90s in morgan hill was see very many 90s across the board today but a few spots including morgan hill antioch to attack a the next three days a warming up tomorrow and to lower 90s will see more 90 degree readings across our inland spots tomorrow afternoon. >>anny hong: still nine is a lot
6:42 am
of it will be ride around average we are tracking a chance for some time primarily maybe on saturday several days a rookie posted. >>james: back here in the bay area we have hundreds of people coming together last night. >>darya: to remember the life of madison middleton who was killed in santa cruz if she went missing last month from our apartment complex her body was found in a recycling bin in the complex's dryish and that is a complex to live with her mother and now one of the neighbors of 15 year-old he is charged in the murder and being charged as an adult the more it was held a kaiser permanente and san is focused on her life will be back with more and complement.
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>>george: look at the drive time now to 40 minutes with the back of on interstate 80 beginning well before highway for and an
6:46 am
epilogue there may be an accident in the back of a complete check coming right up. >>james: another rough day on wall street this morning would continue to follow the latest occupancy is down by 596. it is making back about half what it lost in the minutes just following the opening bell this morning we dropped below the 1000 mark 10% if the index falls
6:47 am
below more than 10 percent by 2:00 p.m. for the s&p 500 will have to wait and see but so far it looks like it is not anywhere near it circuit breaker level will keep tracking it this morning. >>anny hong: alive the from the embarcadero, looking at the bay bridge is back to school will let you know how warm it will be for you live when the news continues after the break.
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>>mark: we've been here all morning is 320 in the morning one year ago today a lot of the damage had been cleaned up with a year to process it all one of the remaining large effect of the post office things are brightening up in downtown not well you see the damage is building shuddered for over a year leave it would no post office to conceive a metal brace is the holding a whole left side of the building together to build in 1933 on the nasa store registry and its slated for demolition from the u.s. postal service a lot of cleanup
6:51 am
throughout downtown napa and down some 11 although haven't spoken to people still a lot of nerves rattled including how schools are coping getting back into business how they're coping here in downtown berlin home are still trying to get back on their feet with some estimates up a billion dollars in damage one wife loss 200 people injured as real live in downtown not on the one-year anniversary of the 6.0 south not for earthquake. >>george: that had to fix the guard rear on the right side of the road san paolo then rolled because there is a 30 ft. drop
6:52 am
to the right of the roadway they say this had to be done regardless of the fact and emend closing lanes during the commune with the right lane shut down until 9:00 local but it is doing to the ride rapidly back and to crockett would not be surprised to see this at all the into the well 40 minutes to drive times actually coming down from crockett and from this side of the party has bridge in terms of the alternate route the best under better conditions would be to take 780, on a to 680 and come out in this direction the problem is the where are we backed up on 68242 in the southbound direction the west is still feeding loss of traffic on to the six any southbound corridor and that there is a new problem developing and the
6:53 am
border road and interstate 680 in the southbound direction along the san ramon valley ride in action to men and 19 minute trip time down to the dublin and to change. >>george: who will arrive back to the foot of the macarthur maze at 16 to 18 minute drive times for 92 in the mid a chance on the san mateo bridge and we're looking at slow going with a 15 metric time out of hayward heading over to foster city. >>anny hong: cloud pretty much everywhere you go all across the bay into san francisco good morning low 60s by lunchtime 66 and we will see a clear sky stop the morning hours 2:00 this
6:54 am
afternoon look for western when five the 10 m.p.h. as well leaving the office tonight at around 6:00 temperature should be in the mid-60s nice and pleasant with increasing clout once again overnight it to see the cloud of going to be clearing out and looks like by 9:00 will seek clearance guys affair trip and livermore and then will see more gradual kremlin brought the early morning and afternoon hours by lunchtime lots of sunshine across the bay a beautiful day once again still probably hold on to the clouds and a partial claim for the afternoon, ala really nice that we're in the upper 50s for fair fellow '60s and oakland and temperatures are warming up to of the '80s and livermore and upper 60s and san francisco. hey there fellow californians i know you're staying golden by managing your energy use... which means managing water too,
6:55 am
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>>james: we're working on
6:58 am
several developing stories in fact we have continuing coverage of the one your mark of the napa earthquake he would join us live this morning with more on the rebuilding efforts clear from and breaking news out of san jose the investigation under way at jackie is live with details and just one moment the dow down more than six other points right now better than a thousand point loss will start early this morning.
6:59 am
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>george: major problems brewing still for the inshore freeway on interstate 80 in the westbound direction what we have is an emergency card repair going on in the to right-hand lanes the right lane shut down because caltrans is trying to fix it is trite and about


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